Experienced Industrial Screw Manufacturers

Screws are everywhere in industrial applications. Industrial ball screws are the standard method of travel in many systems and a very common component found in CNC machines. Acme screws are versatile, often serving as the standard method of travel where accuracy and precision are not as important.

When choosing an industrial screw for your application, there are several important factors to consider.


Industrial Industry Challenges

Much of the challenge in providing screws for the industrial industry is the harsh environment that the assembly must operate in. An industrial screw needs to be durable to function amidst debris and other contaminants. In situations when harsh environments are a concern, selecting the correct screw material and implementing a guard system to reduce debris is of utmost importance.


Industrial Screw Types

The ideal screw type for industrial applications is greatly dependent on the application itself. It is best to use an industrial ball screw when accuracy and precision are required to keep the application running successfully. An acme screw may be best for applications running in a harsh environment when durability is also a concern.

In general, the benefits and downsides of industrial ball screws and acme screws will be the same for all applications. Industrial ball screws are best when accuracy and precision are needed. However, ball screws can be costly and may not provide the best load capacity.

Acme screws can provide a high load capacity and a low cost. However, they may also be less efficient and have a lower life expectancy.

For more information about how each of these screw types fare in industrial industry applications, check out our blog.

Industrial screws are often made using lower cost materials. For example, acme screws may be made using 1045 carbon steel for the screw with a bronze nut. In some applications, a plastic nut may be used to save on additional costs. Keep in mind, however, that load capacities decrease greatly when using plastic.


Choosing an Industrial Screw

It can be challenging to determine which type of industrial screw will meet the needs of your application. But, you don’t need to make this decision alone. The custom screw manufacturing experts at the PST Group can help you to determine which industrial screw is the best for your application.

The PST Group has provided industrial screw for many applications, including:

  • Screws used in the machinery for the packaging industry,
  • Acme screws provided to a company that produces curtains for hog barns,
  • Acme screws provided to a company that manufactures hardness testing equipment, and
  • Screws used in the security industry for residential and industrial gate systems.

As an AS9100 certified manufacturer, the PST Group applies this quality level to all products, including industrial screws. This ensures that all industrial screws are made to exceed the traditional benchmarks of the industry.


Reach out to an industrial screw manufacturing expert at the PST Group today to learn more.