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Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, accuracy is of the utmost importance. Any component used in aerospace applications must be reliable and predictable to ensure the safety of those on board. Linear motion screws are crucial to the operation of an airplane. From controlling wing movements to moving landing gear, the ball screws used in these applications must comply with very rigorous standards.

Aerospace Industry Screw Types

The type of screw used in an aerospace linear motion application can vary greatly depending on the application. However, ball screws are commonly used due to their simple and accurate life expectancy calculation.

The success of ball screws in an application are critical to the safety of all those on-board. Therefore, it is important to accurately calculate the life of each screw. Acme screw or lead screw life expectancy can be estimated. However, this is often does not provide enough accuracy for the aerospace industry. Both acme and lead screws have variables that can change over time, resulting in a change in operation or life expectancy. Ball screws are more predictable, making them the most common choice for these types of applications.

Aerospace Industry Screw Challenges

Safety is paramount in the aerospace industry. Therefore, all components within their applications are held to the highest standards needed to maintain their life and operation. Screws used in aerospace industry applications often have tighter tolerances, more difficult machining, and extensive inspection requirements. As an AS9100 certified company, The PST Group is able to meet, and often exceed, these requirements.

In addition, aerospace industry screws are often constructed of higher quality materials compared to that of an industrial application. Where 1045 and 8620 are common in industrial applications, an aerospace application may use 4150 for a ball screw and 9310 for a ball nut. However, these are customer and application dependent.

Choosing an Aerospace Industry Screw Manufacturer

The PST Group has been serving the aerospace industry since the 1970s. Whether a ball screw is needed is needed to move thrust reversers, wing flap actuators or deploy landing gear, The PST Group is suited to meet the demands of this challenging industry.

Today, approximately 50% of The PST Group is dedicated to serving the distinct needs of this industry. Even if an application requires 15 or more components, The PST Group can fully machine each piece to meet aerospace customer needs. We can supply complete parts and assemblies to customers in many industries, including the aerospace industry.

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