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Thread Grinding

What is Thread Grinding?

Thread grinding is a form of threading during which a CNC machine with an abrasive grinding wheel is used to cut the threads of the screw. Screws created through thread grinding are able to meet custom backlash requirements and tight tolerances.

See the thread grinding process in action

Why Use Thread Grinding?

Manufacturers may opt for thread grinding over thread rolling if using a high-hardness screw material, as some materials are too hard or brittle to allow for thread rolling. Thread grinding also allows for threads to be cut after the material has been heat-treated, or for threads to be cut on a complex design part.

While thread grinding is often less cost-effective than thread rolling, for many applications that need high degrees of accuracy or repeatability, ground ball screws are worth the additional costs in order to ensure the screw assembly is functioning properly.

PST Thread Grinding Services

The PST group can provide the following thread grinding services:

  • Drake thread grinder
    • 12” diameter
    • Maximum 44” between centers
    • Self-centering

These capabilities were put to work when manufacturer approached PST when they ran into an issue with a prosthetic foot they were designing. Customers were complaining about the noise and clicking feeling in their joints, bringing unnecessary awareness to their prosthetic device. The problem was the screw thread that was acting as the Achilles tendon, lower and raising the individual’s heel.

The PST Group was able to design a custom screw thread utilizing thread grinding to meet the strict requirements of the application. Read the full story here.

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