Forming Threads to Perfection.

Thread Forming

We Roll. We Grind. We Help Figure Out What Will Work Best for You.

Are rolled threads the best option for you? Or will grinding threads offer the advantages you need? There’s really only one way to answer either question: have an in-depth discussion about your specific needs. We’re eager to have that conversation and figure out the best way to create the perfect part for your application.


What you see here are just some our thread-rolling capabilities. Be sure to talk to us about your specific need.

  • Tesker 635, 630, 425, 420 and 175
  • Up to 9” in diameter and unlimited length


What you see here are just some our thread-grinding capabilities. Be sure to talk to us about your specific need.

  • Centerless: Lidkoping 5B, 4B, .040”-13” diameter x 40’ length
  • Cylindrical: Toyoda Select G, 59” between centers, grind multiple diameters, marposs measurement system
  • Grinding: Drake thread grinder, 12” diameter, maximum 44” between centers, self-centering

Heat Treating

Unlimited length. Variable hardening. PST has the ability to control the level and positioning of material that needs to be heat treated. We view heat treating as both art and science—and we’ve developed processes that can deliver just what you need. Here are some specifics:

  • Radyne heat treating system positioned horizontally
  • 4” maximum and unlimited length
  • Holds thread lead to +/- .001/ft.

The Proof Is in Our Product Success Stories.

Case Studies

Manufacturing Commitment That “Blows Me Away”

PST received quite the rave review from one of our customers. They used terms like “uncanny” and “extremely perceptive” to describe what we brought to the table. PST welcomes the opportunity to impress your company too. Our expertise and outstanding, “can-do” attitude never disappoints.

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PST Has the Flexibility to Meet Customer Needs

Everyone’s needs are different. When one of our customers wanted faster lead times and stock available at a moment’s notice, they found out just how flexible PST can be with its service and support. What challenge do you need PST to listen to and respond to today?

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Simplify the Supply Chain

Our customer needed a finished product with consistent quality. Using a multi-tiered supply chain wasn’t getting it done. PST stepped in to help. We now machine their screw shafts, delivering a finished product that’s just right for their needs. How can PST help your company simplify?

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