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Ball Screw Repair and Rebuilding

When dealing with complex screw assemblies, you need a ball screw repair company that is dedicated to reducing downtime and getting your ball screw assembly back up and running as quickly as possible.

The team of ball screw repair and rebuild experts at PST group are ready to assist you in all types of screw thread repair. Whether your screw assembly needs a quick repair or a larger ball screw refurbishment or rebuild, our team is ready to help.

Determining whether your ball screw assembly can be quickly repaired, or if a full ball screw rebuild is necessary can be challenging. We all want to resume normal operations as quickly as possible, however in certain situations it may be best to completely redesign the screw to reduce further downtime in the future.

That’s where the experts at PST step in. Our team will analyze the damage to your screw assembly and work with you to determine the best course of action. Take a deeper look at our ball screw repair process.

In addition, The PST Group regularly works with organizations that are tasked with maintaining older machinery that lack the necessary drawings or replacements to suit their ball screw assemblies. In this case, the PST team is able to reverse engineer a solution as well as additional drawings used to engineer the screw again in the future. Read more about our reverse engineering process.

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Case Studies

Moving Forward by Reverse-Engineering

When one of our customers was dealing with a 4″ diameter x 16′ Acme screw that had seen better decades, they turned to us. Not only did we overhaul the screw, we reverse-engineered it and made prints they could use in the future. Can PST help your company move forward by unraveling the past?

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Threaded Rods

On-site. Off-site. Always A Solution in Sight

When a PST customer needed to evaluate the condition of Acme screws and ball screws, we were happy to show up on-site. PST helped save time and money by determining whether screws needed to be replaced or repaired. How can PST help your company make the most of existing parts?

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Why Buy New?

This company had a manufacturing environment that was extremely hard on ball screws. They had no interest in purchasing new ones if their existing ball screws could get cleaned and restored. PST rebuilds assemblies to spec—quickly and precisely. What can we fix for your company?

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