Unlimited Length. Variable Hardening.

Heat Treating

Unlimited length. Variable hardening. PST has the ability to control the level and positioning of material that needs to be heat treated. We view heat treating as both art and science—and we’ve developed processes that can deliver just what you need.

Years of Combined Expertise. Ready to Talk Directly to You.

Eric Bartell

“By asking ‘what-if’ questions, we give customers what they really need, not just what they asked us to quote.”

Gary Kokalj

“What I like most is bringing all of my engineering experience to each of the new challenges I work on every day.”

Tony Betts

“I make sure I really understand and talk through each customer’s needs before repairing, rebuilding or reverse-engineering their parts.”

“I appreciate the way PST stays in contact throughout a project. I don’t have to chase them down for answers—and that’s a nice change.”

– Howard Green, Material Coordinator, Broaching Machine Specialties

What We Do

We’ll keep this simple: we’re ready to respond in the way you need us to. Want to outsource engineering? Need to optimize design? Looking for a prototype? We’re ready and eager to talk specifics whenever you’re ready to pick up the phone.

Whatever your level of need, we have you covered.

The Proof Is in Our Solutions.

Case Studies

An Engineered Solution to Over-Complication

A manufacturer came to PST looking for a precision shaft to use with their coupling. They came away with what they were looking for and more—an engineered system solution that eliminated three manufacturing steps in the coupling process, created a higher performance product and saved money. How can PST help streamline your processes?

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Partners in Proprietary Technology

A mid-sized, specialized actuator manufacturing company has developed proprietary technology that’s revolutionizing their industry. They chose PST to partner with them on back-end manufacturing. How can PST partner with your company to support advancements in technology?

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Value That’s Literally Out of This World

With a specific niche in the aerospace industry, this company needed a partner like PST who could be told: “You’re the ball screw experts. Go solve this complex engineering problem.” At PST, we’re always up for a challenge. What challenge can we help you with today?

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