Our Formula for Success: Understanding, Experience and Custom Solutions

Engineering Services

Combining Your Expertise with Our Expertise

The best partnerships are like that. Both sides bring experience, and each benefits from the other’s specific area of expertise.  When you’re considering a partnership with PST, we’re ready to help. Count on us to bring 200 years of combined engineering and manufacturing expertise and collaborate with you to get the results you’re looking for.  Whether we’re using a Nakamura twin-spindle CNC machine center or performing secondary operations like straightening, we have the resources on site to do the job right. We will meet your exacting specifications on every part, every order, every time.

Machine Centers

What you see here are just some of our on-site machining capabilities. Be sure to talk to us about your specific need.

  • Twin spindle machining: Nakamura Tome Super NTMX, twin spindle, upper and lower turrets, 5-axis, Renishaw tool probes and sensors for lights-out production, tool breakage and sizing, 2” thru hole, LNS bar feeder, 15 bar, 12’ length capacity up to 2” diameter
  • Horizontal machining: Kitamura horizontal, two-pallet tombstone, multi-part holding capability
  • Vertical machining: Mori Seiki NV 5000 vertical with fourth axis and tailstock, Hwacheon Vesta 1050 B vertical with fourth axis and tailstock and Haas VF1 vertical, 30,000 RPM spindle

Turning Centers

What you see here are just some of our turning capabilities. Be sure to talk to us about your specific need.

  • Mori Seiki SL153 and Haas SL20 with collet chuck and part holding capability, LNS bar feeder (5/9 diameter x 12’ length), high-pressure coolant
  • Haas 5H 30H: 3” spindle, 60” bore between centers, 30’ bar length support stand, high-pressure coolant
  • Hwacheon Cutex 240B, 160 A, collet and chuck part holding capability, 2.560 thru-hole, 1.750 thru-hole, high-pressure coolant

Secondary Operations

What you see here are just some of the secondary operations we can do on-site. Be sure to talk to us about your specific need.

  • Straightening (40-ton capacity, 4” maximum diameter, 36’ maximum length)
  • Bar and thread polishing
  • Bead blasting

Years of Combined Expertise. Ready to Talk Directly to You.

Eric Bartell

“By asking ‘what-if’ questions, we give customers what they really need, not just what they asked us to quote.”

Gary Kokalj

“What I like most is bringing all of my engineering experience to each of the new challenges I work on every day.”

Tony Betts

“I make sure I really understand and talk through each customer’s needs before repairing, rebuilding or reverse-engineering their parts.”

“I appreciate the way PST stays in contact throughout a project. I don’t have to chase them down for answers—and that’s a nice change.”

– Howard Green, Material Coordinator, Broaching Machine Specialties

What We Do

We’ll keep this simple: we’re ready to respond in the way you need us to. Want to outsource engineering? Need to optimize design? Looking for a prototype? We’re ready and eager to talk specifics whenever you’re ready to pick up the phone.

Whatever your level of need, we have you covered.

The Proof Is in Our Solutions.

Case Studies

An Engineered Solution to Over-Complication

A manufacturer came to PST looking for a precision shaft to use with their coupling. They came away with what they were looking for and more—an engineered system solution that eliminated three manufacturing steps in the coupling process, created a higher performance product and saved money. How can PST help streamline your processes?

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Partners in Proprietary Technology

A mid-sized, specialized actuator manufacturing company has developed proprietary technology that’s revolutionizing their industry. They chose PST to partner with them on back-end manufacturing. How can PST partner with your company to support advancements in technology?

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Value That’s Literally Out of This World

With a specific niche in the aerospace industry, this company needed a partner like PST who could be told: “You’re the ball screw experts. Go solve this complex engineering problem.” At PST, we’re always up for a challenge. What challenge can we help you with today?

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Asked and Answered.