Threaded Rods for Easy Assembly and Speed

Precision Threaded Products

Though best utilized as a complete source, The PST Group is able to provide precision threaded rod products for specific customer-requested applications.

The flexibility and high level of capability for threaded rods allows PST to thread roll screw stock to fill customer inventory, as well as cut/machine in-house as necessary.

In addition, PST’s extensive thread rolling die inventory and other thread rolling capabilities allow for a wide range of different types of threaded rods to be manufactured, including:

  • Ballscrews
  • Acme threaded rods
  • Metric Trapezoidal threaded rods
  • V-thread
  • Worm threads in threaded rod form

Depending on the needs of your assembly, these precision threaded products can be rolled from different steel alloys, supplied as either hardened or in the annealed stage.

Most often, the end customer processes the threaded rods provided by PST to accommodate their needs. This allows them to have the material on hand, providing additional flexibility and quick turnarounds when necessary.

Quick turnaround times are often the biggest challenge faced by those who use precision threaded rod products in their assemblies. Often this process is split across different companies, slowing down the process. While PST strives at providing complete parts and assemblies to its customers, sometimes that type of program isn’t compatible with customer needs. Using threaded rods allows PST to provide a flexible solution to those customers that need that type of a solution.

Sometimes, using a threaded rod rather than a complete assembly allows for a customer to receive a most cost-effective solution to their needs. For example, an existing customer approached PST with a new ballscrew opportunity. This customer identified that due to the volume and end-machining capability needed for this ballscrew, a Swiss-style CNC machine would be best suited for the project.

However, PST does not have a Swiss-style CNC machine. Rather than invest in a new machine, PST group offered to procure the material, thread roll, heat treat, and then provide a threaded ballscrew stock directly to the customer’s local machining vendor, to remove shipping delays and costs. PST worked directly with the customer’s Swiss machining source to be able to team up and provide the best product to the end customer, in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

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Case Studies

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Partners in Proprietary Technology

A mid-sized, specialized actuator manufacturing company has developed proprietary technology that’s revolutionizing their industry. They chose PST to partner with them on back-end manufacturing. How can PST partner with your company to support advancements in technology?

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Value That’s Literally Out of This World

With a specific niche in the aerospace industry, this company needed a partner like PST who could be told: “You’re the ball screw experts. Go solve this complex engineering problem.” At PST, we’re always up for a challenge. What challenge can we help you with today?

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