Acme Screw Threads Custom-Made for Your Assembly

Acme Screw Products

As a leading custom screw manufacturer, The PST Group is able to develop, design, and manufacture most screw types to fit the precise needs of your assembly.

Acme screw products are used primarily in power transmission applications, including:

  • CNC Machines
  • Jack Screws
  • Lifting Machines

They are often used in applications where high torque is required, but efficiency and positioning are not critical. Acme screw products provide a better load capacity and wear than a standard v-thread, and when using a bronze nut, can provide a similar load capacity to a ball screw, though often at a lower price.

PST’s custom acme screw capabilities are extensive, with applications ranging from major aerospace customers to even the smallest manufacturer seeking a custom thread for their project.

As a made-to-order facility, each piece engineered at PST is designed to fit the needs and expectations of organizations on an individual level. Using a customer’s engineered drawing, PST can manufacture acme screw products complete, with end machining, heat-treated alloys, and various plating. If applicable, PST has the capability to manufacture the mating acme nut for any precision acme screw.

While every acme screw product is custom-made for individual customers, PST’s extensive die inventory makes it possible to accommodate most quick turnaround times.

Depending on the needs of the assembly, PST can manufacture acme screw threads in many materials and alloys, as well as diameters up to six inches. Acme screw threads may be rolled or ground as part geometry or tolerances require.

For example, one of PST’s largest acme screw customers in the aerospace industry uses a wide variety of acme shafts for different platforms.

The materials for this customer vary across different stainless-steel alloys, including:

  • 304
  • 410
  • 15-5PH
  • 17-4 heat-treated

Many of these applications have specific acme thread forms that vary from the standard class of acme screw threads.

The flexibility and expertise of PST’s precision acme screw team makes it possible to meet the special requirements of this customer’s acme screw products.

The Proof Is in Our Solutions.

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