In the End, We Bring it Together.

Custom Products

Quality Assemblies Are More Than Just a Combination of Parts.

The whole really can be greater than the sum of the parts—especially when you partner with PST as your single-source supplier for ball screw assemblies and component-level design. We’ll work with you to design, engineer and manufacture assemblies that deliver better performance, reduce maintenance and uncover more value.

Ball Screw Assemblies

Custom lead. Miniature. Metric or inch. Stainless. Aluminum. Nitronic. Inconel. Monel. Alloy steel. Titanium. We could go on. The point is that we’ve done this before. PST is ready to deliver the precise ball screw assembly for your specific application. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you get it.

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Acme Screw Products

When high torque is required, PST has an acme screw product that is ready to take on the challenge. With an extensive range of capabilities at our made-to-order facility and experience providing solutions for a variety of industries, our team is able to help everyone from a major aerospace customer to a small manufacturer.

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Precision Threaded Rods

Though best utilized as a complete source, The PST Group is able to provide precision threaded rod products for specific customer-requested applications. With an extensive thread rolling die inventory, we have the ability to craft a wide range precision threaded rods, depending on the needs of the customer.

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Component Level Systems

First, we look at a challenge from every possible angle. Then we figure out how to deliver real value by streamlining both the design and processes. The result: a system that succeeds in unanticipated ways—and leaves you with a single partner who’ll make sure you continue to see outcomes that meet your expectations moving forward.

The Proof Is in Our Product Success Stories.

Case Studies

Manufacturing Commitment That “Blows Me Away”

PST received quite the rave review from one of our customers. They used terms like “uncanny” and “extremely perceptive” to describe what we brought to the table. PST welcomes the opportunity to impress your company too. Our expertise and outstanding, “can-do” attitude never disappoints.

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PST Has the Flexibility to Meet Customer Needs

Everyone’s needs are different. When one of our customers wanted faster lead times and stock available at a moment’s notice, they found out just how flexible PST can be with its service and support. What challenge do you need PST to listen to and respond to today?

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Simplify the Supply Chain

Our customer needed a finished product with consistent quality. Using a multi-tiered supply chain wasn’t getting it done. PST stepped in to help. We now machine their screw shafts, delivering a finished product that’s just right for their needs. How can PST help your company simplify?

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