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MTI is much more than the sum of its companies. We are a global leader in customized motion control solutions. 


MTI COVID-19 Update

“More than a partner, PST’s enthusiasm and internal collaboration was uncanny. They knew what we needed and gave it to us before we asked for it. What a great organization. What a great team.”

–Patrick Mohs, Director of Operations, Nice Apollo, Inc.

You. Us. Win. Win.

Let’s talk about the challenges you’re facing right now. Maybe it’s a complex technical problem. Or perhaps it’s more of a business-related issue. We want to help you put those tough challenges in the win column by finding the best solution and by becoming a valued extension of your engineering and manufacturing teams. We want you to feel confident you’ve found the right custom screw manufacturing partner.

What’s Your Technical Challenge and How Can We Help?

The Proof Is in Our Partnerships.

Case Studies

An Engineered Solution to Over-Complication

A manufacturer came to PST looking for a precision shaft to use with their coupling. They came away with what they were looking for and more—an engineered system solution that eliminated three manufacturing steps in the coupling process, created a higher performance product and saved money. How can PST help streamline your processes?

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Simplify the Supply Chain

Our customer needed a finished product with consistent quality. Using a multi-tiered supply chain wasn’t getting it done. PST stepped in to help. We now machine their screw shafts, delivering a finished product that’s just right for their needs. How can PST help your company simplify?

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Why Buy New?

This company had a manufacturing environment that was extremely hard on ball screws. They had no interest in purchasing new ones if their existing ball screws could get cleaned and restored. PST rebuilds assemblies to spec—quickly and precisely. What can we fix for your company?

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