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There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you know that your manufacturing partner has what it takes to get a job done.  A partner with a full range of capabilities. A partner with precise attention to detail.  A partner who’ll deliver the right components, at the right cost, every time.  PST wants to be that partner.

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Case Studies

Manufacturing Commitment That “Blows Me Away”

PST received quite the rave review from one of our customers. They used terms like “uncanny” and “extremely perceptive” to describe what we brought to the table. PST welcomes the opportunity to impress your company too. Our expertise and outstanding, “can-do” attitude never disappoints.

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PST Has the Flexibility to Meet Customer Needs

Everyone’s needs are different. When one of our customers wanted faster lead times and stock available at a moment’s notice, they found out just how flexible PST can be with its service and support. What challenge do you need PST to listen to and respond to today?

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Simplify the Supply Chain

Our customer needed a finished product with consistent quality. Using a multi-tiered supply chain wasn’t getting it done. PST stepped in to help. We now machine their screw shafts, delivering a finished product that’s just right for their needs. How can PST help your company simplify?

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